Neofil Color 0-6 mm

Smooth finish mineral sealant, with high workability and easily clean, guaranteed for professional non-shrink grouting, water-repellent, antimould, high abrasion-resistant grouting of joints from 0 to 6 mm between
ceramic tiles of all types, porcelain and marbled stoneware, glass mosaic and marble, natural stones. For indoors and outdoors.


THICKNESS: up to 6 mm
APPLICATION: grout trowel rubber
PACKAGE: bag 5 kg


Minimal line:
00 white, 07 silver, 06 manhattan, 25 cement grey, 26 anthracite
Wood line:
02 jasmine, 05 vanilla, 09 bahama beige, 03 beige, 16 hazelnut, 18 desert, 22 caramel, 23 clay, 28 dark brown, 29 moka, 31 volcano, 32 dune

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