Polymer liquid additive to be mixed in total or partial replacement of mixing water with cementitious sealants, for grouting of joints between all types of ceramic tiles such as single-fired, porcelain stoneware, large sized, klinker, glass and marble mosaic, natural stones. Increase the mechanical performance, improves adhesion at the edges of the tiles, reduces the elastic modulus making grouting more flexible, improves impermeability and resistance to abrasion. Especially suitable for sealing joints in particularly exposed or moist environments such as balconies, terraces, pools, outside façades, or subject to intense traffic such as commercial or industrial flooring. For indoors and outdoors.

• 1 : 4 FUGAKOLOR DESIGN 0-6 mm
• 1 : 3 FUGAKOLOR 1-20 mm
• 1 : 4 NEOFIL COLOR 0-6 mm
• 1 : 3 NEOFIL COLOR 4-20 mm

PACKAGE: jerry can 5 kg / bottle 1 kg

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