Gypsum-based filling mineral stucco, self-adhesive, suitable for smoothing sealant to finish gypsum, gypsum block, plasterboard walls and surfaces on cementitious substrates, and for repairing small cracks and fissures even on wood. Great for mounting gypsum panels and decorations. For indoors.


YIELD: 0,7 kg/mfor mm of thickness
APPLICATION: smooth trowel
PACKAGE: bag 20 kg / bag 5 kg / bag 1 kg
COLOR: white


  • regularisation and smoothing of non-planar walls made of gypsum, gypsum block, gypsum and plasterboard panels
  • finish smoothing and grouting of cementitious plasters before applying decorated finishes
  • grouting of concrete surfaces or prefabricated concrete panels before applying decorative finishes