Primer Sol

Solvent-based primer, with very fine particles characterised by a-high penetration degree on porous substrates. Guaranteed as treatment to consolidate absorbent and little resistant mineral or cementitious substrates, for the regularisation of absorption before applying paint or organic coatings both on old and new surfaces. Ideal as an anti-dust treatment. For indoors and outdoors


YIELD: 0,1 – 0,2 kg/m2
APPLICATION: brush, roller or spray
PACKAGE: jerry can 5 kg


  • on new surfaces to neutralise the effects of alkalinity of the cementitious products and to regularise absorption and enhance the chromatic yield
  • old surfaces as a consolidating treatment and adhesion promoter for decorative finishes and to uniform absorption both in the presence of primers and particularly porous surfaces
  • dust proof consolidating impregnating treatment for cementitious substrates