Mineral thixotropic mortar, fibre-reinforced, compensated shrinkage, with low elastic modulus, for performing localised restoration work in downgraded concrete, to implement thickness smoothing of guarantee durability and to regularise deteriorated plasters. For indoors and outdoors


THICKNESS: up to 50 mm
YIELD: 17 kg/m2 for cm of thickness
APPLICATION: smooth trowel, trowel, plastering trowel
PACKAGE: bag 25 kg


  • localised, non-structural restoration of downgraded concrete surfaces both horizontally and vertically
  • localised restorations of damaged substrates before laying ceramic coverings
  • correction of off plumb walls
  • reconstruction of corners and mouldings in architectural recovery work (stringcourses, cornices, lintels or doorposts valuable façades)
  • regularisation and subsequent smoothing of surface defects, such as gravel nests