Idrosil E

Water repellent technological primer with high penetration degree, colourless, odourless, breathable, with high drip effect, based on silicone hydrophobic resins. Guaranteed to protect against atmospheric agents of the most common mineral surfaces in building, as long as absorbent. Protects against freezing-thawing cycles, prevents the rooting and proliferation of mould and moss on absorbent cementitious surfaces, counters the effects of carbonation on visible concrete structures.


APPLICATION: brush, roller, spray
YIELD: 0,2 – 1,0 L/m
PACKAGE: jerry can 25 kg / 5 kg


  • protective treatment of visible concrete structures and non-decorated cementitious plaster
  • hydrophobic treatment of visible cement bricks and blocks
  • protective treatment of masonry, architectural and ornamental elements in natural stone