Idrolastic Monoflex

Single-component, fibre-reinforced, elastic, anti-alkaline, breathable, cement-based waterproofing membrane guaranteed for high adhesion and durability of cement surfaces prior to laying ceramic tiles with deformable adhesives. Ideal for restoring old waterproofing without demolishing the existing flooring. When necessary, apply ARMOFLEX 130 or G-TEX ZERO as a reinforcement between the first and second coat. 30% higher yield than two-component systems.


THICKNESS: from 2 to 4 mm
APPLICATION: smooth spatula, roller, brush
YIELD: 1,1 kg/m2 for mm of thickness
PACKAGE: bag 20 kg
COLOUR: grey


  • waterproofing of balconies, patios, roof terraces, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools
  • waterproofing treatment on cement screeds, existing ceramic floors, marble floors, dimensionally stable natural stone, perfectly bonded to the substrate, cement-based plaster and mortar, cured concrete