Betocem Monolite Ultra

Mineral mortar, semi-rapid setting (10 minutes), fibre-reinforced, compensated shrinkage, for the passivation, restoration, smoothing and protection with degraded concrete structures, durability guarantee. Specific for restoration with the need for extra-rapid commissioning.


THICKNESS: from 2 to 40 mm
YIELD: 17 kg/m2  for cm of thickness
:trowel, plastering machine
FINISHING: sponge trowel
PACKAGE: bag 25 kg
COLORS: grey


  • smoothing and protection of degraded reinforced concrete structures
  • architectural reconstruction of the cover layer of beams, pillars, façades, stringcourses, decorative concrete elements
  • regularisation of castings and gravel nests
  • levelling of concrete slabs, ramps, infrastructure works in general
  • specific for work with mobile platforms, rapid execution or in low temperatures


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