Betocem Finitura

Flexible mineral smooth plaster, for protective smoothing and regularisation with guaranteed durability of concrete surfaces and restoration performed with mineral mortars.


THICKNESS: from 1 to 4 mm
YIELD: 1,6 kg/m2  for mm of thickness di spessore

APPLICATION: smooth spatula, sponge trowel

FINISHING: sponge trowel
PACKAGE: bag 25 kg
COLORS: grey


  • preventive smoothing of concrete work in general
  • protective smoothing of concrete being repaired with mineral mortars
  • restoration and non-structural regularisation such as edges, mouldings, stringcourses, cornices
  • realisation of reinforced skim coatings both on cementitious substrates, even with low absorption, and on insulating panels in thermal insulation systems


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